Our Solutions

Past attempts to solve the problem of backfill settlement in new construction have been found to be impractical and problematic. SJC Development Group has recognized the disadvantages of known sliding or slip joint type devices, and has developed a new assembly that is easier to install and remains permanent. The RizzCon Safety Slip addresses the issue of downward strain on non-adjustable conduit, while at the same time solving the problem of lateral stress. Just as settling forces cause a downward strain, such forces may also place significant lateral pressure on the below ground portion of the conduit. Left unchecked this could exert sufficient force to loosen the conduit from the building structure. The Rizzcon Safety Slip assembly can be used for both direct and non-direct burial applications since it provides the slack necessary for either type of installation. It adjusts to all forces, and it does not require the manufacture or use of special sized or constructed conduit. Less time and effort is invested, and the end result is a safe, long lasting installation.

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